Local Search Engine Marketing

What Is Local Search Engine Marketing?

Have you ever searched Google for your own business and have been unimpressed by your ranking? Maybe your business is on the second – or even third – page of Google when you know it should really be on the first page with the best of them. You know that being on Google’s first page will explode your sales and bring the right customers through your doors.

You’ve spent thousands on a brand new website hoping it would bump your ranking up to the first page so your potential customers could find you easily, but it hasn’t worked yet. You’ve waited months for your new website to get you found on the first page and are only frustrated by the results. After all, with how much you spent on your new website, you’d think customers would be knocking down your door – but they aren’t. What gives?

The truth is that launching a new website is just a small piece of the puzzle. If you want your business to get found for relevant local searches, search engine marketing is what makes all the difference.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the absolute best way to grow your business among the competition. SEM is a digital marketing strategy used to increase your ranking on search engines like Google. And it doesn’t just include your website. SEM also includes:

  1. A search engine-optimized website
  2. Submitting your sitemap to Google
  3. Claiming a Google business page
  4. Adding high quality content frequently (like articles or blog posts)
  5. Frequently reviewing how your website can be improved for that coveted first page ranking

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every website should be search engine-optimized if you want potential customers to find your business online. A good web marketing business always capitalizes on SEO when developing websites for their customers. The basics to SEO include:

  1. Site speed
  2. Search engine accessibility
  3. Unique and engaging website content
  4. Keyword optimization
  5. Image optimization
  6. Unique meta titles and descriptions for each page on the site

If you want to learn more about Search engine optimization click here.

Submitting a Sitemap and Getting Found By Google

When developing a new website there are a few things that can be done to help Google find and index your website. The first step is to submit your sitemap to Google’s Search Console. A good web marketing company will do this for you.

Once your sitemap has been submitted, the next step is to claim your Google business listing and add your website link and business information. Keep reading to learn what a Google business page is and how it can help your search engine optimization.

Next, you’ll want to add your website link to other web platforms like social media pages and website directories. This is called leaving a link trail for Google to find your site while indexing other websites. This coupled with search engine optimization can give your website a good chance of ranking high on Google.

Claim Your Google Business Page

A Google business page is a free listing Google offers local businesses to help with local search engine marketing. It’s important to get your listing claimed so you can add a business name, type of business you own, address, phone number, and a website link. This way potential customers can easily find your information when searching on Google.

For example, if you search Google for Mexican restaurants, you’ll find that the first few results appear with a map and relevant business information, along with links to call the restaurant, get directions, and check out their website.

Google business pages are also useful for customers to leave reviews. Reviews can make or break your business! Many people rely on other peoples’ reviews when deciding to pursue a particular product or service.

Ensuring that you have a Google business page claimed and providing your potential customers with the information they need to make their decision will make all the difference in getting customers through your doors. Click here to learn more about Google business pages and how to get started claiming yours.

Useful Content Creation

Once a website has gained some traction on Google, it’s vital to consistently add useful information to improve ranking for specific keywords. This information can expand on a specific service or product you provide but it can also help answer common questions people have online – especially if there’s a question that reveals itself as a common Google search phrase that you can use in the article. This will help you rank for a specific search phrase that people have regarding a specific topic.

After all, you’re the expert in your field so people will find your information useful if done correctly. Articles should be “SEO friendly”, meaning they need to include popular keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions.

Let’s say you’re looking for a business that specializes in kitchen remodeling. If you search Google for “kitchen remodeling”, you’re likely to come across a blog article from an actual kitchen remodeling company that breaks down everything you need to know about it – the time frame, cost, what to expect, etc. Because that kitchen remodeling company used targeted keywords (“kitchen remodeling”) in their blog post, they’re more likely to be found for that phrase.

Website Audits and Reporting

Every great web marketing company with local search marketing in mind should do monthly website audits. This helps them understand what they should be doing to improve your local search ranking. Local search engine marketing and search engine optimization require constant attention, and a website audit measures its success.

We always recommend working with a web marketing company who is diligent in not only showing you the results, but also showing you how they can improve things from month-to-month. You care about your business, so you should also care about who’s monitoring your local search marketing.

Finding the Right Local Search Marketing Company

Finding the right company for the job can be difficult in today’s market. There are plenty of “web marketing specialists” who will promise results but may not live up to the expectation.
Having a good handle on local search engine marketing will make it far easier to find the right web marketing company who cares about your business as much as you do.
If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s chat!

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