In Need of a Full-Service Web Agency in Kalamazoo?

What does it mean to be a full-service web agency? It seems as though many companies are claiming that title, but the vast majority fall short. We are a full-service web agency because we have the team and the tools to help implement every aspect of your web marketing strategy. We have experts for website […]

What Is Local Search Engine Marketing?

Have you ever searched Google for your own business and have been unimpressed by your ranking? Maybe your business is on the second – or even third – page of Google when you know it should really be on the first page with the best of them. You know that being on Google’s first page […]

Is your site’s speed turning away customers?

  Is your website one of the many that load at a snail’s pace? This probably hasn’t been a huge issue on your radar, clients are still finding your site so things must be okay. Well once again Google, as well as many other search engines, has made some updates in recent years that are […]

Does your business need a Google My Business Listing?

What is Google My Business Listing exactly? Many people believe that google simply picks up your website off the internet from day one. Build a website, host it and it should be on Google, right? Not at all actually. Google is just a website and they only automatically aggregate websites that have a large following […]

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