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Custom Website Development Showcase: 4 Flutes Machining

Recently, we completed a custom website development project: 4 Flutes Machining. 4 Flutes Machining is a local manufacturing company that uses computers and other equipment to machine precision parts and components. They offer high-quality CNC machining services via a team of professionals whose goal is to find you the perfect engineering solution.

4 Flutes Machining and the Importance of Professional Website Development

When we first spoke to 4 Flutes Machining, the owner had used a site builder to make a 2-page website. It was obviously “homemade” and did not represent 4 Flute’s professionalism and focus on new trends and technologies. At first, the owner couldn’t see the value of hiring a professional website development company. After a meeting and some back and forth, we were able to settle on a proposal. Once the designs were completed by our creative director, they were sent to the client for comment/approval. I won’t put the response here (as there are several expletives) but the client was more than pleased. The content was written by our digital marketing manager with a focus on the client’s keywords. What good is a great looking website if people can’t find it through search? Now the client could see the value in working with a professional website development company.

The new website is much more representative of 4 Flutes Machining. It also has several features that the old site did not have. You can check out a gallery of their products and ‘view all’ or filter by category. You can also contact them or request a quote. The website grew from two to seven pages and looks much more current to better represent the client. This client wanted a simple, effective website and they got it.

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to show the value of digital marketing and custom website development to manufacturing companies. Just because you’re primarily B2B, doesn’t mean you don’t directly benefit from ranking high on Google. Or, that your customers don’t expect a positive user experience when they check out your website. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to start a website development project, contact us today. We will audit your website and let you know where you can improve and what we have in mind.

So, send us a message, or call us at (269) 350-3204 to learn more!

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