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The New Year is a Great Time to Start a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Search engine marketing can be overwhelming as there are so many platforms and strategies. Determining the best platform to reach your target audience takes expertise. Fortunately, paid search engine marketing, like Google AdWords, provides great analytics so your strategy can be adjusted to optimize ROI.

Google has become the main tool your customers use when they are looking for a certain product or service. Appearing on the first page of Google’s search results is extremely difficult, especially if you are a small business owner. Google AdWords allows you to appear side-by-side higher ranking web pages.

Reaching the Right Audience with a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

The number one thing that Google AdWords helps you with is reaching your customers when they are searching for the services you offer. When you purchase a TV, local paper, or billboard ad it’s very hard to target specific audiences. You also don’t get a lot of data or analytics to improve your strategy. By using search engine marketing for your online advertising, your ads can appear every time someone is searching for your services or products you offer.

Reaching the right audience can depend based on the location you would like to target. With AdWords, you can choose to have your ad appear in a set location. If you own a business that has several locations, targeting your ad to the areas around each store front is one option. You can also choose to advertise across the web if your business is web based anyways.

Customized Search Engine Marketing to Fit Your Needs

If you have been in business for a while, you know when you are busiest. AdWords’ search engine marketing platform allows you to advertise at a specific time, even weekly or yearly. You can easily change your ad to fit your business’s needs as frequently as you want.

You can also run multiple ads to target different services that you offer. AdWords allows you see how each of your ads are performing. You can then optimize your ad based on real data. Google AdWords lets you have total control over how much you want to spend. Setting your budget is done a few different ways. From setting a maximum budget per day to only paying when someone clicks, Above Media can work with you to find the right budget strategy.

With traditional advertising and marketing, you invest a lot of money in creating an ad that is going to attract people’s attention. The problem with this is no matter how beautifully designed your ad is, or how incredible your commercial is, if people are not picking up the paper or tuned into the station with your commercial on, you’re not reaching enough people.  Even if 1,000 people are exposed to your advertisement, if they are not in the market for your product or service, it was not the best use of your money. With search engine marketing, your ad only appears when people are searching for your product or service.

Using Google AdWords has many benefits at an affordable price. Search engine marketing helps you to promote your business easily and allows you to make changes to your ads based on performance. Learn more about AdWords and search engine marketing by contacting Above Media today!

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