Custom Website Development

At Above Media, we believe in doing a custom website development project right the first time. That means a custom website catered specifically to businesses needs and wants while making sure its search engine optmized. 

We take a custom approach with all of our website development projects. Whether its a wordpress site or a shopify store we tailor our custom builds to the client we are dealing with. We ensure that their website is search engine optmized to give them the best chance of being found in search results. We also make sure our websites are page-speed optimized so customers are not waiting for a website to load. This is one of googles biggest ranking factors for SEO in 2020. 

All Of Our Websites Are Search Engine Optimized!

Every site we build comes optimized for search engines like Google.  This allows the search engines to pick up on your content, giving your business a higher ranking and better potential to be found in search rankings. 

  • Custom Tailored Website Design
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Unique Titles and Descriptions For All Pages
  • Blazing Fast Load Times
  • Unique Content
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Automatic Image Optimization For Search Engines
  • Developed For Search Engines
  • Custom Client Expierence
  • Automatic Nightly Backups
  • Secure & Always Running

How Is Your Website Performing?

We understand how important search engine optmization is for a site which is why we provide a website audit for all our customers. A website audit is a great way to see how a website is performing. Contact us today if your interested in learning more about our custom website development services or if you want a website audit. We are alyways looking for new projects. 

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