Website Audit

A website audit can determine where a site needs improvement so We take this process very seriously with everyone of our potential clients. On day one we do a website audit to determine the clients needs and how we can help improve their overall site score. Here are a few important things we measure for our clients: 

Page speed goes without explanation. Its 2020 and people are not patient so its important to have a fast website!

 Schema Snippets are something added in the code of websites to allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page.

People use their phones more than a desktop when accessing the internet so its important websites are formatted to fit all phone types.

Websites have images and content that needs meta data to help search engines understand what the content is so they can serve it to the right people. 

Headings make it easy for people to scan information on websites. This is also good for search engine optimization. 

Alt Attributes are used to allow additional text for an image for people who cant view the image. 

Image file size, image name, file type, and other important things need to be done to the images on websites for search engine optimization.

Robots.TXT helps search engines understand which pages and files it can and cant crawl on a website. If you want to learn more click here

This helps google find specific pages on your website. A sitemap should always be submitted to google after taking a website live. 

Broken links happen when a website link is no longer availible to view. This happens when you link to another website and the specific information you link to gets deleted. This causes issues with Search Engine Optimization. 

SSL Cert (Secure Sockets Layer) is extra security on websites. This is ecspecially used for eCommerce websites where people are submitting personal information. 

Social media can only help your Search Engine Optimization. Its important that each social media profile is linked to your site too. 

Favicons are small icons used to represent your website. This can be found in the address bar in a broswer when viewing a website. 

This list along with several other performance trackers provided in an audit is essential to a websites success. If you want to know where your site stands then contact us today for a free website consultation. 

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