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Proper Setup During Website Development is an Essential Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google’s “rules” for what is good for search engine optimization (SEO) are constantly evolving. From moving to new algorithms to delisting sites for poor mobile responsiveness. Unfortunately, the average website owner has a lot to keep up with. However, there are a host of additional benefits to good on-page SEO practices, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Quicker load times, an enhanced user experience, and a larger audience are all the result of having good SEO. So, what do we mean by proper setup during website development being an essential part of search engine marketing?

Ensure complete mobile responsiveness

Google now eliminates search results on mobile devices if the site is not responsive. As a result, if your site isn’t responsive, your other SEO efforts barely even matter. So, even if you rank well for a keyphrase, you’re not showing up in results for more than half of the searches.

Reduce and optimize everything

Nearly 80% of all on-page search engine optimization issues are related to images. If your images are too large (in file size, not dimensions) they’re going to increase your page’s load times. We use programs that optimize images in order to take out any guesswork. Failing to optimize and reduce images is a crucial step that gets missed during development. Unfortunately, it really does have a big impact on search engine optimization.

Decrease page load times

Google cares about speed. If your page takes ages to load, there’s a good chance that search engines are lowering your placement in results. To help speed things up, use programs that help identify issues and increase load times. If you’re using a website builder or the web agency you are working with is, your page load times will likely be slow. While using a site builder is pretty easy, it’s clunky, and hurts your search engine optimization potential.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Above Media

We do everything possible to ensure that our clients realize the full potential of their website’s SEO and search engine marketing. From complete mobile responsiveness to image optimization, we carefully inspect every aspect of our sites before they’re launched. We believe that it’s essential to stay on top of the latest developments in SEO. Get the most out of your money and work with a web agency that understands website development and its effect on search engine optimization. Contact us today!

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