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Is your site’s speed turning away customers?


Is your website one of the many that load at a snail’s pace? This probably hasn’t been a huge issue on your radar, clients are still finding your site so things must be okay. Well once again Google, as well as many other search engines, has made some updates in recent years that are starting to focus more on performance and not just the content your site contains.

Google’s “Speed Update”  was the first to start ranking sites based on their page speed. Page speed is how long it takes a web page to load from click to being fully interactive and the average’s aren’t too great. The reason behind all of this is simple – user satisfaction. Users are extremely impatient, the average user only waits 2.5 to 3 seconds until they decide to back out and try another website.

How fast does your site load?

So the question asks itself, does your site load in under 3 seconds? According to recent web studies the answer is probably not. Do not fret as this is a new trend to increase sites performance so you’re definitely not the only one behind the curve.

At Above Media or specialty is fast sites, most of our sites load under 1 second and we’ve got the benchmarks to prove it. If your site’s search ranking is important to you and your company, give us a call today about improving your site’s speed from slow and sluggish to blazing fast!

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