Kalamazoo SEO Services

Kalamazoo SEO is a service we provide specifically for kalamazoo businesses. We have been doing SEO in Kalamazoo for over 5 years now and we know what it takes to rank in the area. We have helped a wide range of businesses rank higher for the services they want to get found for and we love the satifaction of getting a client more leads through their website. 

What To Expect With Our SEO Service

Its important for us to see your current ranking while reviewing your competition online. We use specific tools like position tracking, on page seo score, social media tracker, brand monitoring, backlink audit, organic traffic insights, and content analyzer to name a few. Once these things are measured it gives us a good indication of what needs to be done to a website in order to improve its score with google. Then we come up with a gameplan for the next 6 months to improve the website. We give our clients the option of either 6 months or 1 year of seo services to ensure our efforts are not cut short. Its important to understand that improving seo on your website wont show immediate results and thats why we recommend a minimum of 6 months. 

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