Pay Per Click management is an Search Engine Marketing service we provide for clients who want to target a specific audience. When people search for specific services on google then its important that your business is ranking for that service. If its not ranking for those services then your competition is most likely being found and are getting that business. This is ecspecially true for cities with high competition. This is where pay per click campagins (PPC) can be very useful!

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

Pay Per Click ads can target a specific location with search phrases that people are searching for on google. When starting a PPC campaign its best to use 7-10 keywords and specific locations for each campaign. PPC also gives the option to select times in the day to run an ad so it can target your audience better. Its optional to creat a landing page for each campaign which can help your ad score and its performance. Its also important to have an ad spend that can be spent monthly. That ad spend is only used once an individual clicks on the ad which is why its called “Pay Per Click”. Google will never go over the ad spend and they provide data on who clicks on your ad. We specialize in helping local businesses create, monitor, and maintane their PPC campaigns while providing useful data on how well the ad is doing. 

Pay Per Click Ad Placement

Our Pay Per Click Management Process

 For a successful pay per click campaign its important we meet with the client to identify the services and message they are trying to convey to their customers. We also need an ad budget that the business can spend each month. We make sure to consider what their competition is spending because its important to be competitive in order for the ad to be found so we give a recomendation if the ad spend is to low.  Then we create the ad structure that covers the information we identify in our discovery meeting. After that process is done we run the ad while monitoring it day by day to make neccissary changes to help increase the return on investment.  Each month we go over the analytics with the client to see how well the ad performed for them so that we can make adjustments if needed for the next months campaign. 

What Do We Charge For PPC Management?

Our cost to manage pay per click campaigns depends on the clients needs. If they require landing page development with specific ad campaigns then the cost will be slightly higher than an ad campaign that won’t need it. We want to make sure each ad campaign we manage has a good ROI otherwise its not worth doing a PPC campaign. Our management fee for each ad campaign starts at $350 and can go up depending on what the client needs. 

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