Pay-per-click management is a Search Engine Marketing service we provide for our clients. This service is geared towards clients wanting to target a specific audience. PPC marketing, especially through Google Ads, can be highly beneficial when done correctly. However, simply paying for clicks is not enough. Campaign management is the key to truly reaping the benefits of pay-per-click marketing. This is where we come in. Our experienced team skillfully manages campaigns to provide a competitive edge. This boosts visibility and rankings and creates a return on investment, even in a highly competitive environment.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

As the name suggests, pay-per-click marketing is just that – you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Through geotargeting, these ads target a specific audience searching for a specific keyword or set of keywords in a specific location. Pay-per-click marketing campaigns are most effective when meticulously planned from the beginning. It is best to begin with seven to ten keywords and locations for each campaign. PPC is flexible and provides the option to select the time each campaign will run to better target the desired audience. Creating a landing page for each campaign is a useful way to better your ad score. This improves visibility and the overall performance of your campaign. It is also important to delineate a monthly ad spend. This budget will only be spent as individuals click on your ad. Google provides data and analytics on those who do click on the ads, making it possible to run trial ads to determine the ideal target audience. The more fine-tuned and targeted a campaign is, the higher the return will be. If the dollar amount generated in sales via a pay-per-click campaign far surpasses the cost per click, the campaign is successful. Above Media specializes in helping local businesses create, monitor, and maintain successful pay-per-click marketing campaigns. By providing relevant and insightful analytics, we aid our clients in making informed and impactful decisions.

Pay Per Click Ad Placement

Our Pay Per Click Management Process

Our approach to the pay-per-click marketing management process, much like our approach to any service we provide, begins with getting to know our clients and their needs. This helps us identify the services they provide and the message they would like to convey to their existing and potential customers.

As part of our campaign management process, we also work closely with our clients to set a monthly ad budget. To ensure a competitive campaign, we research what the competition is spending. We understand each client has a unique budget. While we strive to stay within that budget, we also make recommendations based on our research if we feel the budget may be too low to be competitive.

Next, we create an ad structure incorporating the goals set forth in the initial discovery meeting. We then run each ad, monitoring each one and making the necessary adjustments to increase reach and targeting. At the conclusion of each month, we review the data and analytics with our clients to see how well each ad performed. These insights, along with our clients’ input, help us make the necessary adjustments to provide quality ads that create the highest return on investment.

What Do We Charge For PPC Management?

The cost of our PPC campaign management services greatly depends on the client’s needs. If landing page development and highly specific ad campaigns are required, the cost will be higher than that of a less intricate campaign not requiring landing pages. Ultimately, we want to ensure a strong ROI for each campaign we manage. Pay-per-click marketing is only lucrative when the dollar amount generated in sales far exceeds what the client is spending per click. Our base PPC management fee for each campaign is $350 and increases based on individual client needs. Call us today for a consultation!
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